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Before purchasing your wallpaper

Please read the following for important information regarding your wallpaper purchase.

  • We highly recommend purchasing a test sample first before application.

  • Peel and stick wallpaper is not recommended for installation on textured or brick walls.

  • Do not apply to freshly painted walls. Allow 4 weeks for the paint to cure before the installation of your peel and stick wallpaper.

  • Use the Wallpaper Calculation Formula to determine how many panels you will require, or alternatively, send us an email if you are unsure and we will work out the quantities for you. Please ensure the wall measurements (width x height) you provide to us are 100% correct, as we are not liable for incorrect measurement errors.

  • While we do our best to represent accuracy in scale, images on this website may not be 100% to scale. A test sample will help you to visualise the scale more accurately.

  • At checkout, please ensure that your address is correct so that your wallpaper reaches you safely. We are not responsible for re-shipping your wallpaper if your address is not accurate.

  • While we do our best to represent colour accuracy, printing colours may vary to those you see on screen. Therefore, some printing variation can occur. A test sample is helpful in accurately visualising the colour of your new wallpaper.

  • As each wallpaper is printed to order, please note we do not process refunds for change of mind or if you have miscalculated the dimensions or are unhappy with the colour or scale, or if it does not adhere to the walls as expected. However, please contact us if there is a quality issue and we will rectify it. A test sample will be helpful in ensuring that you will be happy with your purchase.

Please Note!

After receiving the product, please make sure that the material is free from defects. Please make sure that it is free of any flaws and that all elements fit each other, and sizes are as ordered.

Unfortunately after installation, we are not able to rectify quality issues.

Preparing Wall Instructions (for Peel and Stick Wallpaper):


Getting your space ready for Design by Ana's peel and stick wallpaper is an exciting project that can enhance your home's appearance. The key to successful wallpaper application lies in good preparation for a smooth finish. Before you start, remember that peel & stick wallpapers work best on smooth, flat surfaces like walls, glass, vinyl, and mirrors.

  • Avoid using peel and stick wallpaper on textured surfaces, even subtle textures like an orange peel. If your walls aren't smooth, consider using traditional, unpasted wallpaper for a better fit.

Step 1: Get Familiar and Gather Supplies

  • Before you start, make sure your walls are in good shape with no major repairs needed. Address small imperfections by sanding or cleaning. Use Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat, a primer for self-adhesive wallpapers, to ensure a strong bond.

  • Estimate Primer Quantity

  • For a standard wall (around 384cm by 280cm), plan for 2-3 liters of Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat. This matte, clear primer is renter-friendly. Consider getting a bit more to avoid running out during the application.

Step 2: Fix Wear and Tear

  • Check your walls for any signs of damage or wear. Patch, sand, and clean to fix issues like flaking paint, small cracks, and rough spots. Repaint if needed for a flawless finish.


Step 3: Let Paint Cure

  • If you've recently painted your walls, be patient. Wait at least 30 days for the paint to fully cure before applying the wallpaper. This waiting period ensures a proper setup and reduces the risk of adhesion problems.


Step 4: Apply Specialized Primer

  • With smooth, clean walls, start the priming process using Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat primer. The success of your peel and stick wallpaper depends on correctly applying this primer.

  • Application Process:

  • Apply three even coats of Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat, ensuring complete coverage.

  • Stick to the specified drying times between coats for the best adhesion.

  • Use a good-quality roller or brush for consistent coverage, paying extra attention to upper corners and edges as they are prone to peeling if not enough adhesive is applied.

  • Extend the primer application beyond the wallpapered area to include adjacent walls, cornices, and skirting for a seamless finish and to prevent potential peeling at the edges.


Step 5: Confirm Wall Dryness

  • For a successful peel & stick wallpaper application, make sure the walls are completely dry, especially in areas prone to moisture like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

  • Now you're ready to apply your Design by Ana peel & stick wallpaper! Follow the instructions closely and check the additional information below for the best results.


Enjoy decorating!

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